This page contains a list of #womenonpanels scholars. Participation is voluntary and self-reported. If you are looking to add your name to the directory, fill out the form on our Submit page. Entries are organized in alphabetical order by last name.

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Ahmed, Maaheen
Ghent University
Research Interests: comics studies, comics history, comics memory, comics magazines, children, childhood, childishness and comics

Anderson, Brianna
University of Florida
Research Interests: Children’s and young adult comics, ecocriticism, narrative theory, picture books, digital humanities

Anderson, Patricia F
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Research Interests: Graphic medicine; disability representation; visual literacy; comics peer review for academic and scholarly publication in the sciences; design thinking and rapid prototyping for comics storytelling in teaching

Antola, Laura
University of Turku, Finland
Research Interests: Superherores, adaptation, fan studies, comics and society

Aramburu Villavisencio, Andrea
University of Cambridge
Research Interests: Women’s and non binary Latin American comics; Affect theory; New Materialism; Posthumanism; Theories of intimacy and care

Austin, Hailey
University of Dundee
Research Interests: Anthropomorphism, animal comics, and trauma; Female agency (especially with Jane Foster’s Thor); Music in comics (Blacksad); Transmedia

Ayres, Andrea
Freelance journalist
Research Interests: Visual rhetoric, narrative immersion, history of comics

Babb, Tiffany
The New School, PanelxPanel, The MNT
Research Interests: Constraints and structure of ongoing serials, circular narratives, character/IP-centric storytelling, superhero comics

Blank, Juliane
Saarland University, Germany
Research Interests: Adaptation, comics and visual arts, comparative comics studies, history of the term “graphic novel”, representations of power and gender hierarchies, visual narratology

Blenk, Jenny
Independent scholar/Dark Horse Comics
Research Interests: comics studies; graphic medicine; disability studies; queer studies; feminist studies

Bumatay, Michelle
Florida State University
Research Interests: My research focuses on bandes dessinées (French-language comics) by cartoonists from Africa and the Diaspora and investigates the verbal-visual strategies at work in such bandes dessinées

Burdock, Maureen
University of California, Davis
Research Interests: Autographics/autobiographical comics; comics and memory; comics in response to war, trauma, and migration; women in comics; graphic medicine

Caroccio Maldonado, Jennifer
Rutgers University-Newark
Research Interests: I research US Latinx graphic memoirs and comic biographies. I look at how personal/individual stores can be used as counter-narratives that contest official histories

Cauich Maldonado, Lenny M.
Ohio University
Research Interests: Artivism, feminism, political cartoons, cultural production, social media analytics, Latin American studies, journalism, mass communication

Cedeira Serrantes, Lucia
University of Western Ontario
Research Interests: Comics readers, reading, and readership; comics and libraries/librarianship; comics culture, international comics

Chivington, Lauren
Research Interests: Comics, LGBTQIA+, disability, trauma, theory

Chung, Erika
Ryerson University and York University
Research Interests: Fan studies, comic studies, popular culture, critical race theory, feminism and gender studies

Cocca, Carolyn
State University of New York at Old Westbury
Research Interests: superheroes, feminist theories, women’s and gender studies, politics, activism, social justice

Coody, Elizabeth
Morningside College
Research Interests: Religion and Comics, including especially relationships of comics to Bible, broadly and in particular the gospels; gender, including everyone; religious uses of comics; and cultural studies/ literary theory/ close reading techniques as applied to comics

Cortsen, Rikke Platz
University of Texas, Austin
Research Interests: time and space in comics, Nordic comics, women, identity and representation in comics, immigration and comics, metal music and comics, theory and practice in comics

Crist-Wagner, Keri
Clemson University
Research Interests: Comic books in college classrooms, critical pedagogy, intersectionality, queer comics, queer WoC comics

Cruz, Rachelle
University of California, Riverside
Research Interests: poetry comics; non-fiction manga; Filipinx comics production; webcomics; queer comics; Filipinx and Asian American representation in comics

Dallacqua, Ashley K.
University of New Mexico
Research Interests: literacy, comics, working and researching in local high schools, co-planning and co-teaching with comics and other unconventional “academic” texts, integrating these texts into regular curricula. I’m interested in the ways comics and support, but also challenge learning spaces. I am also very interested in representation in comics, particular in terms of gender

Davis, Jonita
Independent Scholar
Research Interests: Afrofuturism, narrative, transmedia storytelling, fandoms

DeRoss, Jennifer
Lane Community College
Research Interests: Comic Studies, Biographical Studies, Multi-platform Storytelling, Queer Studies, and Fandom Studies

Domoney-Lyttle, Zanne
University of Glasgow
Research interests: Bible, religion and comics; identity, representation and comics; gender and comics

Earle, Monalesia
Independent Researcher
Research Interests: queer, gender, black and latinx studies, literary fiction, graphic narratives, afro-futurism, gothic.

Eggert, Barbara “Eggy”
University for Art and Design, Linz, Austria
Research Interests: comics theory // comic museums & comic exhibitions // comics as art // transspecies communication in comics // comics that feature San Francisco// Barbarella // comics in educational contexts // comics on dance-related issues // comics & textiles;

Fabricius, Charlotte Johanne
University of Southern Denmark
Research Interests: The politics of identity and representation; girls in superhero comics; comics and critical theory; affect and aesthetics.

Figueiredo, Camila
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasil
Research Interests: Intermediality, transmedia, adaptations, publishing, literature, comic books, graphic novels, cinema, TV series, telenovelas

Galvan, Margaret
University of Florida
Research Interests: 1980s, anthologies, archives, comics in periodicals, cultural & media studies, digital humanities, feminisms, gender & queer theory, grassroots periodicals, riot grrrl, social movement studies, underground comix, visual culture, zines

Gangnes, Madeline B.
University of Florida
Research Interests: comics studies, illustration, adaptation, British literature, digital humanities, periodicals and serialization, book history and print culture, new media studies, film and television, science fiction, climate fiction

Gibson, Mel
University of Northumbria
Research Interests: Childhood comics and childhood in comics, memory and comics, object elicitation, British comics for girls, contemporary comics (Ms Marvel, Lumberjanes etc.), children’s literature.

Gordon, Erin
University of Florida’s Harn Museum of Art
Research Interests: My formal background in fine-art, art history, and museum studies informs my research, which interrogates pop culture and visual rhetoric, and explores gender roles, feminism, fan studies, and representations of women in across various forms of popular media.

Heifler, Sydney
The Ohio State University
Research Interests: Romance comics, women and gender, sexuality, Cold War, post war, history, historiography

Hong, Caroline Kyungah
Queens College, CUNY
Research Interests: multiethnic comics/graphic narratives; Asian American literature and culture; comedy and humor studies; race and popular culture; critical ethnic studies

Hong, Tiffany
Earlham College
Research Interests: Narratology; superhero comics; multiverses; manga; reader response; representations of violence; canonicity

Hosein, Safiyya
Ryerson University and York University
Research Interests: Muslim superheroes and Muslim audiences

in ‘t Veld, Laurike
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research Interests: Comics studies, Holocaust and genocide studies, popular culture, non-fiction comics, genocide representation, kitsch

Jackson, Cia
Research Interests: female superheroes, fan studies, gender, sexuality, representation of women in comics, DC Comics, feminist theory, disability studies

Kelp-Stebbins, Kate
University of Oregon
Research Interests: comics and graphic narratives, visual studies, media, postcolonial and anti-colonial scholarship, translation, world literature, feminism and gender studies, sports media

Kent, Miriam
Research Interests: Marvel superheroes, feminist media studies, critical race theory, queer theory, gender studies, media representation, comics form and genre, adaptation, arts-based research and creative arts enquiry

Khan, Rakshanda
Toronto Art Therapy Institute
Research Interests: Comics as a therapeutic modality, web comics

Knopf, Christina
SUNY Cortland
Research Interests: popular culture/comics and politics, popular culture/comics and war, military cartoons, ideology in comics, representation, rhetoric

Koch, Christina Maria
Phillipps University Marburg, Germany
Research Interests: Graphic Medicine, comics narratology, feminist approaches to comics

Kunert-Graf, Rachel
Antioch University, Seattle
Research Interests: comics theory, historical epistemology, visual culture; My articles and conference papers have focused on violence and discrimination ranging from lynching to mental illness. All of my work argues that reading comics hones necessary strategies to engage with the ugliness of the world.

Langsdale, Sam
University of North Texas
Research Interests: comics, superheroes, popular culture, feminist philosophies, contemporary critical theory, monster studies

Lauer, Emily
Suffolk County Community College
Research Interests: adaptation theory, superheroes, YA, SFF, children’s books and media, theater, social justice, intersectional feminism

Law, Jennie
Georgia State University
Research Interests: Intersectional comics history, nonfiction comics, and Wonder Woman

Lyn, Francesca P
Virginia Commonwealth University
Research Interests: autobiographical comics, critical race studies, graphic medicine, gender and women’s studies, feminist studies

Mardell, Sean(ie) Rachel
Texas State University
Research Interests: Rhetoric, media studies, multimodal composition/design, public memory, and cultural studies

Martin, Isabelle
University of Illinois at Chicago
Research Interests: Photography, refugee studies, graphic memoir, fan culture, representations of race and identity in contemporary art

McClancy, Kathleen
Texas State University
Research Interests: Nostalgia; time; media studies

Meier, Samantha “Sam”
Independent Scholar/Archivist at Northern Arizona University
Research Interests: women’s underground comix, feminist comix anthologies

Michael, Olga
UCLan Cyprus
Research Interests: graphic medicine, refugee and migration comics, human rights and comics 
women’s graphic memoirs, (sexual) violence in graphic life narratives, queer trauma and queer subjectivities in graphic life narratives, graphic life narratives as testimony

Millanzi, Riziki
University of Sussex
Research Interests: Representation in Comics, Activism and Comics, Speculative Fiction, Intersectionality and Comics, Feminism, Black Girl Magic, Superheroes, Race in Comics

Miller, Ann
University of Leicester
Research Interests: French-language comics, gender and politics

Milne, Leah
University of Indianapolis
Research Interests: race and ethnicity in comics, multicultural American and postcolonial literature, young adult literature, Afrofuturism, pedagogy

Misemer, Leah
Georgia Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Community building through comics, multimodal composition, civic engagement, print culture, webcomics, comics and mental illness, graphic medicine

Olinger, Jay
Portland Community College, Portland State University
Research Interests: Adaptation studies, Formalism, Pedagogy, Erotica, Abstract Comics, Graphic Medicine, Production, Publishing

Orbán, Katalin
ELTE University, Budapest
Research Interests: Comics studies, media studies, especially: embodiment, comics and memory/trauma, comics journalism, documentary comics, graphic medicine, disability studies, new literacies, reading practices.

Peppard, Anna F.
Brock University
Research Interests: superheroes, embodiment, gender, sexuality, race, fandom

Pfeiffer, Elisabeth
Trent University
Research Interests: Feminist dystopias and utopias in the graphic narrative, queer studies, critical race theories, prison industrial complex, prison abolition, intersectional feminism and gender studies, decolonialism, comic books, Bitch Planet, satire, paratext and the connection to the fandom

Piepmeier, Olivia
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Research Interests: Comics librarianship; critical librarianship; feminist pedagogy; comics in higher ed. classrooms

Poletti, Anna
Utrecht University
Research Interests: the intersection of autobiography and comics; autographics; self-publishing; graphic medicine; diy youth culture

Postema, Barbara
Massey University
Research Interests: Silent comics, comics theory, narrative in comics, form, Canadian comics, New Zealand comics

Resha, Adrienne
The College of William & Mary
Research Interests: Arab and Muslim representation in American popular media, the superhero genre, and (new) media theory

Richards D’Arcy-Reed, Kelly
University of York
Research Interests: Comics studies, cultural studies, thanatology, visual sociology’arcy-reed/

Rifkind, Candida
University of Winnipeg
Research Interests: Autobio comics, migrant and refugee comics, Indigenous comics, Canadian comics, comics journalism, documentary comics, graphic novels

Saguisag, Lara
City University of New York-College of Staten Island
Research Interests: comics studies, children’s literature studies, childhood studies, komiks (Philippine comics), climate change, extractivism, petrofiction

Sakal Froese, Jocelyn
Wilfrid Laurier University
Research Interests: queer and feminist theory, auto-bio comics, trauma, phenomenology, aging and gender in comics, political comics/comics as politics, journalism comics

Sartain, Marie
University of Tulsa
Research Interests: comic studies, visual culture, collaboration studies, multiple authorship, fan studies, convergence culture, superhero comics, transatlantic modernism, contemporary American literature

Serles, Katharina
University of Vienna
Research Interests: Comics, Image Theory & Visual Arts, Visualities of Gender, Poetics of the Gutter, German-language Comics

Sfadj, Clémence
Fordham University
Research Interests: Early newspaper comic strips and cartoons, especially by artists from minority communities. American studies. Print culture. Comics theory, semiotics, and formalist approaches.

Sina, Véronique
University of Cologne
Research Interests: comics studies; media studies; intersectionality; disability studies; gender studies; queer studies; Jewish studies; Holocaust studies

Sohini, Kay
Stony Brook University
Research Interests: Comic Studies, but especially Diaspora/Transcultural comics, Queer comics, Ecocritical comics (cli-fi), Disability comics, etc. In general, in both my scholarly and creative work I focus on comics about geographical/cultural/environmental displacement and/or comics that are by and about marginalized communities. I am also interested in the intersection of comics and digital humanities in the form of interactive webcomics

Stefkova, Radmila Lale
University of California, Santa Barbara
Research Interests: Hispanic graphic narrative, documentary comics, nonfiction comics, graphic art and social justice, memory in comics, Mexican popular culture, Latin American fiction

St. Onge, Ruth-Ellen
Rare Book School at the University of Virginia
Research Interests: Approaching comic books and graphic novels via book history, bibliography, publishing history, printing history, & sociology of literature.

Swartz-Levine, Jennifer
Lake Erie College
Research Interests: Comics, gender and comics, female superheroes, gender and independent/creator owned comics

Szép, Eszter
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
Research Interests: drawing, comics and violence, non-fiction comics, comics journalism, comics and the body, comics memoirs

Tanski, Kate
WWAC (Women Write About Comics)
Research Interests: Public-facing scholarship, independent scholarship, alt ac scholarship, publishing, mentoring

Thomas, Tracey
York University & Mohawk College
Research Interests: Comic studies, adaptation studies, tv/film studies, the CW “Arrow” verse, Arrow, the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, nostalgia studies, nostalgia in comics, close analysis of character, setting, plot

Tilley, Carol
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research Interests: Comics readers, reading, and readership; censorship; comics and libraries/librarianship; archival research; children and comics; US comics history; graphic medicine

Tullis, Brittany
St. Ambrose University
Research Interests: Latin/x American comics and cultural studies, feminist theory, representations of women and girls in comics, smashing the patriarchy.

Tuszyńska, Kamila
Research Interests: literary, linguistics, culture and media studies; I am a narratologist, comics and picture book theorist, media researcher, visual communication and visual literacy expert and visual artist

Ustundag, Ebru
Brock University, Department of Geography
Research Interests: Graphic medicine, Graphic justice

Veith, Natalie
University of Stuttgart
Research Interests: British literature and culture (mostly 19th to 21st century), Visual and pluricodal media (photography, comic books, illustration, film, etc.), Postclassical Narratology, Gender Studies, Discourse analysis

Wathare, Jaya
University of Mumbai, India
Research Interests: graphic narratives, popular culture, narratology, transmedia, platform studies

Wildfeuer, Janina
University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Research Interests: multimodality, semiotics, semantics of comics, text and discourse linguistic analysis of comics, logics and formal approaches, rhetorics and multimodal argumentation; instruction comics

Woock, Elizabeth
Palacky University, Czech Republic
Research Interests: Medievalism, medieval history, horror, comics and graphic novels, visual narrative grammar

Wright, Amie
Concordia University Dept. of History/American Library Association Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table
Research Interests: Comics in History, Comics in Libraries & Archives, Comics & Historical Memory

Comic book cover depicting Patsy Walker (Hellcat), She-Hulk, Hawkeye, America Chavez, Squirrel Girl, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Valkyrie, and Monica Rambeau by Brittney Williams
Header and footer from Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat! #2 cover by Brittney Williams.